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About The Founder

Vidamuzic Vocal Coaching & Artist Development was founded in 2004 by Claudia Perez AKA Claudia Mia. At Vidamuzic we specialize in the cultivation and development of raw, unsigned talent as well as signed seasoned artists. Many artist careers have benefited from the personal hands on attention provided by her company where students and artists have achieved their full artistic potential. 

Claudia Perez, who is actually known by her fans as   “Claudia Mia ”, expressed a profound interest in music during her early childhood.

she developed an appreciation for all types of music partly to the influence of her father Enrique Perez Morel also known as “Cibao” he was an early member of the Latin Grammy Award winning group Milly y los Vecinos.


Always having a passion for singing and the performing arts she began studying dance at the Premier Dance Theater Academy,  Broadway Dance Center and at Soho's Abizaid Arts  New York City where she also  trained and prepared for her performances. Her first Album released under Allen Street Records was an early indication of her growing talent as a singer/songwriter. She co-wrote 7 of t​he 10 songs and enjoyed success in markets like New York Puerto Rico and Europe. Currently  she's running Vidamuzic Vocal Coaching & artist development and  working on her new project.

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Yo Voy A Sobrevivir

by Claudia Mia

Spanish Salsa


by Claudia Mia

Style Merengue/ Samba

My Prerogative 

(Bachata Style Spanish Version)

by Claudia Mia

Dance /Retro

U Got Me Buggin

by Claudia Mia


Claudia Mia's New Releases Coming out Soon on iTunes 


Written and performed by By Claudia  

Reggaeton Love Song 

Welcome To My Land 


Claudia Mia Singing 

("Body Party "Cover)  

 Style Hip Hop Original Artist "Ciara"

Claudia Mia's New Releases

 Coming out Soon on iTunes

Attention Producers, Agents Manager

Vidamuzic  Vocal Coaching & Artist Development  specializes in preparing artists to go into the studio and have a fun and productive session every single time by targeting the problem areas of their vocal performance and correcting the bad habits they have developed through out their artistic careers. It makes a world of a difference when you have an artist that is genuinely ready to enter into the recording booth 

 It takes a really trained ear to correct these imperfections and guide them in the right direction but most importantly they need to fully understand what they need to work on and how to do it. Understanding is the most important element of achieving results if they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong how can they deliver?

We train rappers, singers, background vocalists, Mc’s, public speakers of all ages and genres

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A Note from the founder

I have been a professional recording artist and songwriter for over 23 years and have been mentoring and coaching for the past 12 years. Being a Professional Performing Recording Artist may seem easy to some, however, it takes hard work and dedication to achieve greatness.

My goal is to help you achieve your  full artistic potential,  to teach you, encourage and guide you through the process of finding your true sound. The sound that will allow you to produce quality sounding recordings that you can proudly display and release out for the world to hear.

I  urge you to not settle for less, to walk the extra mile and reach for your dreams with all of your heart. 

                   "The most beautiful sounds will naturally flow when your  heart is open"

               but first you need to crawl before you walk and walk before you run 

knowing how to use your voice the right way will allow you to sing freely and express to the world the real sounds that make you unique.  

This is the Sound that will be your signature. Your natural sound tells a story of who you are inside, it has its own song and  its  dying to be heard!  Free it ! Let Go!

 its your gift to the world...

If  you are  serious about your craft, then you have come to the right place. I welcome all of you to try my techniques and experience for yourselves, the difference of doing it the right way versus winging it. Please know that without proper training, you are risking damaging your voice. It is my responsibility to advise you not to take this lightly as there are some instances that the damage caused to the vocal chords are irreparable. In this website I have taken the liberty of adding some crucial information that can help you protect your voice As we move into the program you will continue to learn and put to practice these precautions.  please visit our blogs from time to time to learn more about vocal health and related information.

Dare to live your  dream ,

knowledge is Power, Use it!

Claudia Perez​ aka Claudia Mia 

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