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Vidamuzic specializes in assisting students based on their unique individual needs. Our program is fun and educational at the same time, it has been designed to develop your hidden artistic and creative talents. We work with all styles and genres and help students develop a unique signature that sets them apart from the rest.

To schedule a session click here submit your email telephone number and a time that is convenient for us to reach you. One of our members will contact you and schedule you. Please feel free to explore the information provided below also at the end of the page please read the guidelines to follow prior to your vocal session.  Come Prepare to have an Amazing experience.  

Vocal Coaching 

for Children & Adults

Clases de canto para ninos y adultos en ingles y espanol

Students Guidelines 

To Book A session  Contact Us

Artist Websites 

Three page Web design

Pictures Music & Video Integration & Store

Songwriting Workshops 

All Levels

At vidamuzic we will help you unleash your creativity. 

Learn how to create songs from beginning to end.  This workshop is divided in 3  parts Structure, Melody and Lyrics.

In addition you will also learn about copywriting your song and all the different ways you can benefit as a songwriter whether you are writing for yourself or another artist.

In Studio Microphone Techniques 

Alls Levels

 *Recording in the studio is serious business. Depending on the song and style of your song its important to  know how you can use the mic.  One of the things that need to be addressed when recording, is the  distance needed between the mic and you in order to deliver the right performance.

* If you are singing in full voice your distance from the mic has to be more than when your singing in  a light breathy manner. 

* Each track you record has to be consistent with the distance tone and power when doing leads same goes for laying down background vocals that are light and breathy. Sometimes these may vary depending   on the effect you want to create on the song and the style of music. 

Our in studio microphone techniques will help you achieve a better sounding product.

 and will also save time in endless

Stage Choreography and Artist development 

Beginners to Advanced 

*Stage presence and Artistic Development

* Stage Microphone Techniques

*Performance Visual strategy

*Stage Choreography

​*How to work the stage

*How to Command your audience's attention

Vocal Techniques for  

Hip Hop Rappers & REGGAETON 

English & Spanish Rap Vocal Techniques

All Levels

If you're interested in taking your craft to the next level we offer a Vocal coaching program for rappers in this program we focus on breathing techniques and the development of the vocal performance live and in the studio these sessions are guaranteed to improve your diction, range and projection. In addition we help in revising your recording prior to the final recording to assist and guide you to deliver the best performance possible to contact us please

Vocal Coaching for Adults

Styles: All

Skill Level: Beginner/Advanced/Professional

At Vidamuzic we can develop you not only vocally but as a professional performing recording artist, We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and can teach you what you need to know to help you reach your goals. We will teach you how to vocally bring out that character on the songs you write but more importantly how to find it on your own. this program consist of proper breathing techniques for singing,  strengthening your diaphragm, finding your true sound, learning how to harmonize and the three different vocal performances you will need to know live performance, Studio recording, and Video Performance 

Vocal Coaching Services for teens  

Styles: All - Skill Level: - Beginners to advanced

Your teenager can build confidence in singing for life...

The teenage years can be the ones where they develop vocal damage or lose confidence with their voice. We help them by exploring their dreams, learning to sing like their idols, try new things and expressing themselves creatively! Until they find their own unique sound

We provide various opportunities to share their voice in a way that suits them –from recordings of their favorite songs to producing their own material

We monitor their voices closely during these important years of growth and development to ensure they develop correct technique and healthy voices for life.

 Vocal Coaching Services for Children

Styles: All - Skill Level: - Beginners to advanced

Young Children have the ability to learn and retain through play! & fun

Our children love to perform on the mic, sing their favorite songs, and have fun.  We incorporate songs that teach them healthy singing technique and support, musical intervals and foundations to build confidence and singing skills for life.

We encourage them to bring their own favorite songs  to work with along with a standard set of our songs we tailor a program specifically for their vocal needs.

Online One on One individualized Classes available for all Levels... Please Contact us to schedule your session

Styles: All - Skill Level: - Beginners to advanced

Vidamuzic is offering Online classes to those who are not able to attend the live sessions whether you can't make it on time and need to stay home ​to do your lesson or if you live out of the area this is a perfect way to stay on top of your goal. Vidamuzic works with some of the most innovative softwares available to help you achieve your goals right from the comfort of your home with the assistance of an instructor Please contact us to schedule your private one on one session tailored for your specific needs.  Now you will never have to miss your class, you can connect to the online class on your computer, your tablet or your phone please contact us for more information. 



* Come to your lesson in comfortable clothes 

AVOID baggy sweatshirts as it is important to see the movement of your diaphragm and body posture as you're going through the breathing and vocal exercises 

Please Note 

* Every effort should be made to show up to your lesson on time. 





* come to voice lessons with a willingness to experiment and experience your voice in new HEALTHY WAY

Music Production

Learning experience


March 15, 2018


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Vidamuzic's Blog!

Vocal Health

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Breathing technique

for Singing...

 At Vidamuzic  Breathing properly for singing  is the most important element , it is the core of it all. Proper breathing is something that has to be mastered to achieve the best results in sound, tone, vocal range and power.  We often come across vocalists and aspiring artists who have previously trained in other venues Some wondering why they are still faced with range limitations or undesirable tone quality changes after weeks, months or even years of diligent practice.  Sometimes the answer lies in the much-overlooked vocal component, the pharynx, and the understanding of vocal registers.  These are some of the things you will learn to master at vidamuzic  we look forward to being able to help you accomplish your goals.

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Strengthening your diaphragm !

Learning how to condition and properly use the diaphragm can make a huge difference.   Each and every tone we create is carried out on the airflow of our breath, the more control you have over the airflow the more control you will have over your singing tone.

Vidamuzic incorporates  Breathing Techniques  and diaphragm  strengthening exercises in her vocal techniques program.  you will  easily learn and see results in as little as 2 weeks .

Hydration For the Voice 

WATER -"Drink plenty of water throughout the day !  Did you know that the more  fluids you drink the better your voice will sound? a way to detect whether your voice has received the hydration it needs is to keep an eye on the color of your pee if its not clear your voice is not hydrated.

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